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Donate $25 e-gift card to help us tour, become Fallen Heirs VIP

Hey everyone! Thanks for stopping by.

As you may or may not know we just announced our 2018 spring tour and we’re pumped \m/.

In celebration, we built a VIP news feed that contains exclusive behind-the-scenes Fallen Heirs media. We use this feed to post clips and video from our writing sessions, early releases, intimate backstage tour media, and FREE downloads of our previously recorded music and music videos. You won’t find this content on any other social network!

The reason we built this exclusive news feed is to help raise a few dollars to help offset some of tour expenses. If you donate a $25 e-gift card to help cover unavoidable touring expenses (gift card options below), we will grant you access to our exclusive VIP news feed. Just like that – you’re in!

If you donate a e-gift card with a value of over $100, you’ll become VIP+ and are eligible for additional tour perks (free merch, extra tickets to shows, copies of future releases, downloadable content + more).

We have been publishing posts to the VIP news feed since the first week of March and will continue posting throughout the duration of our tour.

We really hope you’ll consider donating a e-gift card. We look forward to sharing this experience with you.

Follow the steps below to get started.

-Fallen Heirs

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